Artist Statement

    Motivated by geologic formations and domestic handicrafts, my work is a culmination of ideas exploring issues of landscape and home, presence and absence.  Through the combining of delicate textiles with various cements and plaster I seek to examine the notion of vulnerability as strength.  For example, a typically soft and shapeless material now has structure and durability.  By 'industrializing' domestic materials into contradictory and exaggerated forms these sculptural works intend to invert traditional characteristics of stability and fragility. The surfaces, often embedded with thick, barnacle-like clusters, suggest an inner depth.  Through this duality my aim is to expose the gap that exists between permanence and impermanence, internal and external, organic and artificial, surface and subterranean.  While factors such as weight, volume, and materiality resonate within the sculptures, there is an underlying element of absurdity and contradiction that speaks to human nature and our connection to the land.University of Nevada Press.